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What Exactly Is A Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage (also called a HECM which stands for Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) is a program for senior citizens (age 62+) to use some of the equity in their homes.  It is a loan that can give older Americans greater financial security yet allow them to remain in their homes. It is a special type of mortgage (FHA insured) that lets the senior convert a portion of the equity in the home into cash.  These loans are not like the traditional home equity loans or second mortgages because this loan (reverse mortgage) does not have to be repaid until the last borrower no longer lives in the home or the borrower fails to comply with loan terms.


To qualify, besides being 62 or older, you must own your home (or at least 50% of it).    You must have decent credit and have the money to maintain your home, pay the taxes and homeowner’s insurance—and live in the home as your primary residence!

*These materials are not from HUD or FHA and were not approved by HUD or a government agency.




Reverse Mortgage, Winterwood Reverse

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How much money can you qualify for on a reverse mortgage?

Reverse Mortgage, Winterwood, HECM
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What can a reverse mortgage do for you?

  • Supplement retirement income
  • Pay off existing mortgage (required) or debt
  • Pay for medical care or prescription drugs and in-home care
  • Cover large or unexpected expenses
  • Make home improvements and repairs
  • Stretch retirement savings

Our reverse mortgage specialists are licensed in Indiana, Kentucky, and Florida.

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Talk to us to get the facts—these reverse mortgage loans have undergone MAJOR changes in the last 18 months.  They are truly NEW and IMPROVED.


Let’s get started—the lender will want to know that your credit is decent and that you can afford to stay in your home.


Time to find out what your home is worth in today’s market.  Your home’s value (minus any liens) and your age determine how much equity you can access.


This is where you tell us how you want to receive your money (lump sum, line of credit, monthly, etc.).


The reverse mortgage gets paid back when the last borrower permanently leaves the home or becomes due if the borrowers do not pay property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, maintain the property, or otherwise comply with the loan terms.